My Books

Besides journalistic activities on the themes "Himalayas" and "Valais/Switzerland", I have been publishing various books in German, French and English in the past years. I only list up here the one in English (for my other publications in this field please refer to the German or French version of this site):

Bernhard Rudolf Banzhaf et al

SAAS-FEE/SAASTAL Einblicke und Ausblicke

In German, with English short versions of each chapter. A comprehensive guide to Saas-Fee and his valley, giving information about geology, biodiversity, mountaineering, history, language and a view to the future.

Haus der Geschenke, Saas-Fee (2011)

Sanjay Kumar Nepal, Thomas Kohler, Bernhard Rudolf Banzhaf

GREAT HIMALAYA - Tourism and the Dynamics of Change in Nepal

In English, a detailed study based on personal experience and extensive fieldwork, carried out by a team of specialists.

Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research Zurich (2002)

I wish you a good lecture! More books are being prepared these days.

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